1:1 Personal Training

1:1 Personal Training

Coach : Ash

Service : 1:1 Personal Training

Skill level : Beginner - Intermediate

Day : Monday - Friday

Time : By appointment


Personal training

A personal trainer is so much more than just a rep counter. A great trainer will assess your goals and formulate a customised plan to help you achieve them in a safe and sustainable way. At Esteem Vitality we will provide you with a personalised training program designed to grow as you do. We focus on educating our clients, with the aim to not only help you reach your goals, but ensure you maintain them for years to come.

Improve the quality of your sessions

If you’ve been training regularly for some time and feel like you’re not getting anywhere then it’s time to take a look at your technique, your intensity, and your programming. Esteem Vitality will educate you on the how and the why and then show you how to apply it to your sessions. 

Is personal training for you?

Personal training is for anyone who:

  • is looking to build shape
  • wants to learn correct technique
  • lacks confidence in the gym
  • wants lasting results 

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Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
Coach Personal Biography I'm an online personal trainer, mindset, and nutrition coach with a Melbourne based studio where I offer one-on-one and group personal training. Having been in the fitness...